Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chinese folk taboo naked body

Chinese taboo bare his body. In addition to children can be exposed outside the body everywhere, adults must not be exposed flesh in front of people. The private sector have, "the men do not exposing the navel, women are not exposed skin," the saying goes. May be out of men, when the hot dry weight of physical care, it may be no sexual stimulation for men, upper body-sensitive part of the consideration, so the exposed male upper body is still less stringent restrictions.

For women, the stringent is amazing. Old, civilians in general good and decent women from an early age deep boudoir, stay at home all day.

This means nothing more than to wrap the face of difficult hands are hidden and not allow outsiders to see. Any part of the naked woman because she will have a "sexual temptation", would give rise to a man's lust, and thus incurred the scourge.

In the legend of Meng Jiangnu story, Wan-Xi Liang hard labor in order to avoid repair of the Great Wall, Meng Jiangnu jumped into the home of homes, happened to see Meng Jiangnu splashing time in the bare arm. As a result, Meng Jiangnu only done 10000 hi good wife.

From this perspective, the root causes of nudity taboo is not just politeness, or any errors of the affair between men and women, but there were also deeper roots of faith. That is, in other people to see their naked body, while his soul was this person also went to the photo, possession, and control.

Thus, the exposed were also completely lost the ability to defend itself, only the clothes on these people gone. But, this deep roots in the later under the influence of the feudal ethical code and a more subtle transformation of the morphology of Bale.

Up to now, when people mention a certain person, someone will bring a very proud, very confident tone, said: "He Yeah, I have seen!" "I know him!" "We are very good friends." "We are small where a bath in a puddle. "and so on.

This tone where the number of places you can still vaguely feel that he is saying, "I have possession of him!" This idea of possession, of course, belongs to the possession of the soul! The more mature, as he had his face, his body, the more more and more firmly grasp with his soul! 

For the naked body of modern Chinese people is still somewhat taboo, but not as big fuss over the old. For the breasts, genitals exposed is prohibited; for the limbs and other, less sexy parts of the laissez-faire attitude of the; for "bikini" three-point acceptance of swimwear, as well as on the human body painting, body art appreciation of the Chinese people in this area marks a breakthrough in consciousness and progress.

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