Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chinese Han dynasty homosexuality

The founding emperor Han emperor Liu Bang (BC 206 - 195 BC), The emperor Hui (194-188 BC) and the emperor Wen(BC 179 - 157 BC), said they were living a double sexual life, usually with numerous concubines in addition to their daughter the same room, he also was having an affair with the young men. Emperor Wen of the Taoist studies also contributed to his keen hobby of homosexuality. Once, he dreamed he was a boatman crossing heaven. Later, he saw a handsome young ship Fuming Jiao Deng pass,
 looks somewhat like a dream saw the man, they respect fortunate that there does not exist-chen, who devoted his great wealth and honor. The emperor tirelessly to find immortality of medicine, together with a variety of Taoist alchemy experiment.

Emperor Wu (BC 140 - 87 BC) had a gay friend from childhood called HAN Yan, is an intelligent and capable person, has been accompanied by Emperor for many years, until being vilified have been removed.

Haiyang than his father was not much stronger, there are many promiscuous trip. He filled the walls painted over nude pictures of sexual intercourse between men and women and let men and women of his family at this drinking. To this end, the later Chinese literature and forcibly erotic art, he said to be the instigator.

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